20 Must-See Movies in 2011

No. 20. A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

It wasn’t too long ago that Kal Penn retired from acting to work for Obama, but we all knew he would only be able to stay away from his pal Harold (er, I mean John Cho) for so long. And yes, the White Castle-loving, pot-smoking, woman-chasing, bigot-encountering duo is back for another adventure. So is NPH. All is right in the world.

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By Erik Samdahl
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  • Excellent choice! I totally agree with this list. I can’t wait for next year and watch all these films.

  • Thanks, 35mmReviews!

  • casting couch

    This looked like an interesting article, but I really hate these single item click-through lists just to get more ad hits.

  • @casting couch – I hear you. We’re experimenting with some different formats – thanks for the feedback.

  • Wes

    Great list! Love it when Liam gets pissed, Freida- Arab, Indian? Does not Matter she is a gem! And No GI Joe? Hooray! Erik, it’s no wonder you need to change your pants!

  • karl

    are you serious? cowboys and aliens? did u actually watch it? wow.. its was soooo bad.