The Worst Nicolas Cage Movies of All Time

No. 6. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

This boring war drama features Nicolas Cage at his ultimate best: playing an Italian soldier. Never mind that he can’t do an Italian accent. I’d say at least he tries – because Penelope Cruz and Christian Bale don’t – but sometimes it’s better not to even try in the first place. He should have followed Yoda’s advice.

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By Erik Samdahl
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  • judy brittle

    Sorry but Ghost Rider should not be on this list. Its one of my favorite movies.

  • teo715

    I second judy’s response. Granted Ghost Rider was a bit cheesy, but you really shouldn’t go into a movie like that and expect a hell of a lot. I went in the theatre expecting cheesiness and I got what I ordered plus a side of surprisingly good special effects. I was happy with it.

  • To each his own. I watched it and went in with extremely low expectations and it was even worse. I’m glad you two liked it – I suppose – but I don’t understand what you liked exactly. I found it extremely painful to sit through.

  • Wes

    Almost perfect! Next up- Nic’s biggest “Bad Hair” days? Bring it on!

  • teo715

    Erik, did you go in expecting a Nicolas Cage film or a good adaptation of the Ghost Rider Comic book? It’s all in how you look at it. This is Hollywood your talking about. Take your pick, good or adaptation…you can’t have both. lol

  • Hi teo715, well, I went in expecting a bad movie. I never read the Ghost Rider comic books much at all and didn’t really understand how it could be turned into a good movie (a flaming skull in a comic book is one thing, in a movie quite another). And the movie proved that point.

    Glad you liked it though!

  • Dylan

    to Teo715 and judybrittle;
    I don’t understand.
    What exactly about Nicolas Cage appeals to you?
    Is it his monotone?
    Is it his lack of different expressions?
    Is it his painfully forced lines of dialogue?
    Is it the fact that he is a hollywood whore and takes any and every shitty movie thrown at him?
    Or do you genuinely enjoy throwing your money away to sit and be tortured with 3rd grade play-equivalent acting?
    Please let me know. I am legitimately confused.

  • Maxwell Smart

    Cage IS organised crime. He has achieved a position on the back of organised crime. His asset base before movie revenue is a result of organised crime. This has nothing to do with limiting traffic or organised crime. THIS HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH WHO CONTROLS THE TRAFFIC AND WHO CONTROLS ORGANISED CRIME. Why is this pathetic excuse for humanity a UN ambassador? Wasn’t Pol Pot or Hitler available? This is a clear and catastrophic incitement on any country or organisation that is prepared to put this made man forward.

  • Austin

    THANK you for not including “Con Air”, I was afraid you would, since many people hated Cage in that movie. I however, LOVED the whole thing. And yes, I totally agree with your whole list

  • @Austin – I really need watch Con-Air. It’s been a while. But I loved that movie back in the day.

  • Jace

    Your an idiot for even putting World Trade Center as one of his worst movies meanwhile for a crappy actor like himself, this was actually one of his best movies.

    Your hating World Trade Center just because of small dialogue and a vision of Jesus?

    If your an atheist, that’s fine whatever, but really this movie
    represents courage, strength and the power of love. This was a very
    interesting and beautiful true story of 2 officer’s who went to do
    their job and save people’s lives on 9/11 and how they survived the
    rubble of the Trade Center towers that collapsed.

    Cage and Pena had the roles of two officer’s struggling for survival
    but fought it through courage and the love, and those memories with
    their families and the vision of Jesus represented that love and
    courage that kept them both alive.

    Yes Cage is a terrible actor but this is one of his best movies and one of his most powerful film roles.

  • eriksamdahl

    No, I hated World Trade Center because it was a bad movie.

  • JessyCrystal92

    Although I’m not a fan of making websites or things on the internet devoted to hating and dissing anyone, even famous people- I definitely agree with number one, The Wicker Man. Terrible, terrible movie. And He is completely monotone, and I like expression and emotions in actors. Soo he’s definitely not one of my favorites. 😛