Go Seahawks! Put the Bears Into Hibernation!

It may be unlikely. Hell, you’re supposed to lose this game by at least ten points. And you never exceed expectations, so why am I even going on about this?

Wait, what? You, the Seahawks, pulled off one of the biggest upsets in NFL playoff history last week by beating the New Orleans Saints? And I was at that game, you say, watching Marshawn Lynch finally show to the home crowd why the Seahawks drafted him in the first place? One of the greatest runs in NFL history, so great that it actually caused a seismic tremor?

And now you’re going into Chicago, you, a 7-9 regular season team? A team you beat earlier in the season, in their home?

It’s going to be tough, but you can beat them. Go Seahawks! Seattle is rooting for you!

By Erik Samdahl
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