The Top Ten Movies of 2010

The Social Network

No. 7. The Social Network

We’re still not sure what this Face Book thing is, but apparently a few people use it and the creator has made a few dollars off its popularity. Still, no one could have predicted a movie about the creation of a website could be interesting, profitable or even any good, but David Fincher and writer Aaron Sorkin somehow managed to make The Social Network all three of those things.

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By Erik Samdahl
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  • phyllis hartt

    I think you missed the top picture in my book of 2010 It was Get low with Robert Duvall I hope you have seen it . Good luck and hi to Karen Phyllis

  • Hi Phyllis,

    Good to hear from you! I actually haven’t seen “Get Low” yet – didn’t catch it in theaters and it doesn’t come out on DVD (or at least on Netflix) until 2/22 – but it’s at the top my queue to check out.


  • Austin

    Good, but you missed two: “Kick-A**” and “The Book of Eli”

  • Kick-Ass I really enjoyed, but it didn’t quite make the cut. The Book of Eli I thought was OK until it fell apart near the end.