TRON: Legacy Blu-Ray Review

With what can only be described as an extreme case of gluttony, Disney has released Tron: Legacy in a five-disc Blu-Ray collection, a sad waste of plastic. It’s not that Tron: Legacy is a bad movie – it’s just that it is wholly unnecessary to provide the film to a single buyer in four different formats.

Yes, Tron: Legacy: 2-Movie Collection, which debuts on Blu-Ray 3D, Blu-Ray 2D, DVD and digital format on April 5, is first and foremost a reminder that movies come in many, many formats these days. Why Disney and other studios feel it’s necessary to provide their movies in every format imaginable and bundle them together is beyond me – well, other than to make money, of course.

But I digress.

Tron: Legacy was one of the most anticipated movies of December, but barely managed to earn back its $170 production budget in the U.S. – a loss when you take marketing and print costs into account. More confusing is the fact that the picture, which, love or hate it featured the best visual effects of 2010, wasn’t even nominated for a visual effects Oscar.

The movie is decent. It has some great action scenes, especially early on, and boasts Olivia Wilde in a skintight suit. It’s consistently entertaining and returns Jeff Bridges to one of his trademark roles. At the same time, the plot doesn’t make much sense, it loses some of its magic in the third act and the character Tron only has a few minutes of screen time.

Despite the five discs, Tron: Legacy doesn’t offer a whole lot in the way of bonus features. Thankfully, the features on the disc are well worth viewing. “The Next Day: Flynn Lives Revealed” is an entertaining if pointless epilogue to the story presented in the film; “First Look at TRON: Uprising”, a cool-looking cartoon to be released at some point in the future; “Visualizing Tron”, a deep examination of the film’s special effects (understandably, it’s the best feature in the set); “Installing the Cast”, which features some candid interviews with the cast; and “Disc Roars”, which shows how the chants of fans were utilized in the final production.

The Blu-Ray discs also come with some interactive features, music videos and other filler items that add little value to the experience.

Oh! I forgot to mention one extremely cool element of the five-disc set: it includes the original Tron in restored Blu-Ray format. Of course, the set is selling for $49.99 on (versus $29.99 for the four-disc set), so Disney is essentially trying to trick fans into purchasing an outdated movie for a full $20.

Tron: Legacy is a fun movie that deserves the Blu-Ray treatment, but you could get away with the standard two-disc set for $24.99 and never know you missed anything.

By Erik Samdahl
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