The Incredibles Looks Incredible on Blu-Ray

In the dawning age of Blu-Ray and high definition, one studio that benefits more than most is Disney-Pixar. Not only do their Blu-Ray releases give us an excuse to relive the great movies they’ve produced over the last two decades, but Pixar films look absolutely great in high definition. The Incredibles, recently released to Blu-Ray, is no different.

The 4-disc combo pack commits to the world even more plastic that will one day sit at the bottom of a landfill – it also includes The Incredibles on Blu-Ray, DVD and digital formats.

Among many great films, The Incredibles still stands as one of Pixar’s best. It’s more adult-oriented than most of their other films; it’s a legitimate superhero movie with intense (but fun) action sequences and little in the way of kid-oriented humor (but plenty of comedy for everyone else).

The movie, about a family of superheroes, is what the Fantastic Four movies should have been. Both have characters who can stretch, turn invisible and show incredible strength, and yet it’s Pixar who takes full advantage of its characters’ potentials. Unlike the Fantastic Four movies, The Incredibles is also superbly directed.

The combo pack comes with two Blu-Ray discs, one devoted exclusively to bonus features.

One of the best new bonus features is a round table discussion with the filmmakers, including director Brad Bird. The round table, conducted recently, recounts the development process they went through to turn The Incredibles from an idea into a finished product. It’s an interesting and honest look at the challenges the filmmakers faced.

A short featurette explores the creation of the end credits, which discusses why the end credits look the way they are. The end credits are cool, but hearing about them isn’t.

The combo pack also includes a couple of mildly interesting featurettes on the careers of Pixar story artists and a studio story called “Gary’s Birthday.” I already can’t remember what “Gary’s Birthday” is about (other than the obvious), and the story artist piece is more filler than anything else.

There’s also an interactive feature called “‘The New Nomanisian’ Island Redevelopment Plan”, which provides a guided tour of the island post-Syndrome control. The feature wouldn’t load in my Blu-Ray player, however.

The combo pack also comes with the classic DVD bonus features, including deleted scenes (storyboard format only), the short film Jack-Jack Attack and the Oscar-nominated short film Boundin’.

If you’re content with how the movie looks on DVD, the new bonus features alone aren’t worth a new purchase. But The Incredibles looks great in Blu-Ray format; the colors are as crisp and clear as ever, the action even more amazing. The quality improvements alone make it worth revisiting in high definition – and that’s a claim I don’t often make.

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By Erik Samdahl
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