The Green Hornet DVD Review

For those of you who were skeptical about Seth Rogen as superhero The Green Hornet, now’s your chance. The movie is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray, which means you can buy it or rent it or watch it and love it forever. Or at least for two hours, which is how long the movie is.

The Green Hornet stars Rogen as millionaire-turned-crime fighter Britt Reid, who, at least in this version, is a lot like Batman only not as smart and not a very good crime fighter. Thankfully, he has Kato (played by Jay Chou) who makes a mean cup of coffee but can also destroy the souls of a dozen nameless henchmen at once in the blink of an eye.

Oh, and Christoph Waltz – you know, the Jew Killer who won an Oscar for his role in Inglorious Basterds – plays the villain, a sociopath amusingly obsessed with image. The movie is worth it just to see him.

The Green Hornet isn’t a great movie. It’s too dumb at times, a bit long and fails to utilize Cameron Diaz in a satisfying way. But it’s one of those rare movies that actually gets better as it goes along and actually manages to transform Mr. Rogen into a halfway legitimate action hero.

Directed by Michel Gondry, The Green Hornet has some surprisingly good action scenes and enough funny moments to keep things entertaining. You could definitely spend two hours doing worse things. Like watching The Tourist. Or Skyline. Ooh, or Gulliver’s Travels.

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If you’re into special features as much as I’m not, however, definitely go the Blu-Ray route. While the Blu-Ray offers a variety of bonus features, the DVD – which is the copy I have – only comes with a few. Filmmaker’s commentary, which is probably pretty funny (I don’t review commentaries). A gag reel, which is mildly amusing. A featurette on the creation of “The Black Beauty”, which is pretty good.

And a feature that looks into the writing behind the movie, including the [failed] attempts to make Cameron Diaz’s character halfway useful to the story.

Needless to say, the special features are not a competitive advantage. Still, The Green Hornet is a worthwhile movie. You won’t love it, but you will enjoy it. Or else. Damn it. Or else.

By Erik Samdahl
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