Paul Bettany’s Many Angelic Roles, and Giveaway!

Paul Bettany has a thing for God. That much is clear. His new movie Priest, in which he plays a priest in a dystopian future where vampires and a corrupt church are in constant battle, opens in theaters today. Last year, he played an angel who attempts to fend off an army of demons in Legion. In The Da Vinci Code, he played an obsessively dedicated servant of God. And in The Reckoning, he plays a priest in medieval times.

Though he’s had other remarkable roles, Paul Bettany definitely has one of the strangest typecasts this side of Kirk Cameron. It doesn’t help that, aside from The Reckoning, all of his church-related movies have ranged from disappointing to terrible – and Priest doesn’t look to reverse that trend.

That, of course, doesn’t stop me from launching FilmJabber’s very first Facebook giveaway – we’re giving away a free Blu-Ray copy of Paul Bettany’s Legion – not a great movie, but an entertaining one. The winner will also receive a Blu-Ray of the Mickey Rourke/Morgan Freeman-starring crime drama Johnny Handsome.

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By Erik Samdahl
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