Shark Night 3D Poster and Trailer: Campy or Not?

Earlier this week, the movie poster for the upcoming horror film Shark Night 3D swam onto the Internet, and yesterday Relativity Media unleashed the movie trailer, which is… not as campy as the title suggests. That doesn’t mean it looks good, however.

Shark Night 3D is about a group of sexy young things who travel to a lake house for some fun in the sun. After one of their friends loses an arm to a freak “accident”, they set out to get him to the hospital – but discover the lake has been stocked – yes, stocked – by a bunch of bikini-ass-hungry sharks.

The Shark Night 3D trailer.

Based on the title, the movie should be full of campy moments and cheesy lines, a B-grade thriller along the lines of Piranha. But the marketing department is dangerously attempting to go the serious route, painting the movie as a halfway legit action film. Sadly, the movie looks like it’s going to be pretty stupid (then again, don’t all shark movies look stupid compared to Jaws – a movie that’s over 30 years old, by the way).

It’s a shame the title and marketing aren’t in line. If you’re going to name the movie “Shark Night 3D”, you have to embrace the fact it’s going to be a goofy, over-the-topic shark thriller. The trailer shies away from these elements, and it’s unclear whether those elements actually exist. If not, fine… but “Shark Night 3D”?

I do like the fact that there’s a human threat alongside the sharks, however.

Shark Night could be fun – but the marketing team needs to prove it to me, first. What do you think?

The Shark Night 3D movie poster.
Shark Night 3D poster

By Erik Samdahl
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