Exclusive New Terri Movie Photos

John C. Reilly is one of my favorite actors. Thankfully, I’m pleased to present a small handful of new movie stills from his upcoming movie Terri – which debuts in select theaters on July 1, 2011.

A hit at the Sundance 2011 Film Festival, “Terri” is a drama-comedy about the relationship between Terri (Jacob Wysocki), an oversized teen misfit, and the garrulous but well-meaning vice principal (John C. Reilly) who takes an interest in him.

So it’s like Precious, only not as depressing.

Here are the exclusive new movie stills:

Jacob Wysocki

Jacob Wysocki Playing Video Games

Jacob Wysocki Looking Fat

John C. Reilly

See more Terri movie stills. Terri opens in select theaters July 1, 2011.

By Erik Samdahl
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