The Thing 2011 Trailer

The first trailer for the horror remake/prequel The Thing is now online. The first thing I noticed: it looks a hell of a lot like the John Carpenter version. The second thing I noticed: it doesn’t look as good as the John Carpenter version. That’s not at all surprising.

For what it’s worth, the 2011 version of The Thing looks okay – but the John Carpenter version still stands up incredibly well, so what’s the point?

Oh, and the third thing I noticed: the lead character (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is a lot prettier than the one in the John Carpenter version (played by Kurt Russell).

Tell me if you disagree:

You can also watch The Thing movie trailer here.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Daniel Hadley

    this new think movie is not a remake its a prequel following the norweigian team of scientists that have already been killed at the start of the first movie,the producers of this new stated them selves there would be no point remaking the John carpenter version as it was and still is so good, I’ve been following this movie for a while now and i have faith in based on what the director has said and the decisions he has made regarding plot and characters, although i will say the trailer is pretty weak

  • Daniel,

    They say it is a prequel, which is fine, but it has essentially the same plot and even many of the same conventions (clearly, the dog cage seen has been redone here). In other words, they are saying and making it a sequel to appease fans, but to me it appears to be a remake – it just happens to take place at the Norwegian camp (of course, the lead character is a young attractive American woman).

    That being said, I’ll still see it.