The Woman in Black is One Scary Woman

Harry Potter is gone, but Daniel Radcliffe is still around, and if this new trailer is any indication, he may be around for a while.

In The Woman in Black, Radcliffe stars as a Victorian-era man who moves into an extremely haunted house. That’s the plot, but the marketing team at CBS Films has assembled an absolutely stellar teaser trailer to make it stand out from the rest in the genre.

The teaser trailer features creepy toys, a simple, memorable rhyme a la Nightmare on Elm Street, silent children and Daniel Radcliffe getting the crap scared out of him by a not-so-friendly ghost. Every edit, every noise, is pitch perfect, bringing forth the best of what the film has to offer: a dreary, color-stricken landscape, wide open yet claustrophobic.

I’m excited, but are you?

Watch The Woman in Black trailer:

By Erik Samdahl
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