Tripping on the Trainspotting Blu-Ray

Long before Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours, Danny Boyle introduced both himself and Ewan McGregor to American audiences with Trainspotting, still considered one of the best drug-themed dramas ever made. The movie was neither Boyle’s nor McGregor’s first movie, but it was their first to make a real impact across the pond, thanks to Boyle’s frenetic direction, McGregor’s lively performance and a dead baby crawling on a ceiling.

It had been at least ten years since I last saw Trainspotting; I didn’t remember much other than the dead baby crawling on the ceiling. With its release on Blu-Ray, it offered the perfect time to revisit the mini-classic.

Trainspotting is about a young man named Renton (McGregor) who spends most of his time getting high with his deadbeat friends. Things are all fun and games until they’re not (think: dead babies), and Renton realizes he needs to turn his life around. But getting out isn’t as easy as it seems.

While simpler and plainer than Boyle’s more recent productions, Trainspotting is a quintessential Boyle product. All the elements are there – the adventurous editing, the creative dream sequences, the use of modern music to exude emotion. It’s interesting to see the foundations of his now-evolved style, and to see what has remained the same.

The movie is still highly entertaining.

The Trainspotting Blu-Ray comes with the features you’d expect for an obligatory release such as this: some deleted scenes, a retrospective, a making-of documentary and a few other random throwaway features.

The retrospective and making-of documentary are interesting, though not outstanding enough to significantly increase the value of the “collector’s edition.” The movie is also not one that benefits significantly from a high definition conversion.

Trainspotting is a great little movie, one that’s worth revisiting if it’s been several years. If it’s already part of your collection, however, the Blu-Ray doesn’t bring much to the table.

By Erik Samdahl
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