Glenn Close is Albert Nobbs, and Trailer to Prove It

Glenn Close has always been a bit mannish. Yes, even when she played the “hot” psychopath in Fatal Attraction. But the acclaimed actress is taking things to the extreme in Albert Nobbs, where she plays a woman who poses as a man to get by in 19th century Ireland. After 30 years, however, she realizes she’s become trapped in her own guise.

Albert Nobbs has Oscar written all over it.¬†Glenn Close is a great actress, and the Academy loves actresses who ugly themselves down for a role. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Albert Nobbs comes to theaters January 27, 2012, which would make it ineligible for this year’s Oscars. But we’re assuming it will have a qualifying run in 2011]¬†But watch the new trailer for yourself and tell us what you think.

By Erik Samdahl
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