More Johnny Depp? How ‘Bout More Rum Diary Pics!

People seem to like Johnny Depp. Why? Because he’s Johnny Depp. Women want to screw him, guys want to be paid $30 million for acting like a gay pirate like him and screwing the women who want to screw him. Unfortunately, the masses have to settle for watching him in movies, and Johnny Depp has a new movie coming to theaters on October 28. It’s called The Rum Diary, based on the novel by Hunter S. Thompson (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas).

The Rum Diary, about a journalist who moves to Puerto Rico to work for a local newspaper. There he becomes smitten with a sexy young woman (played by sexy young woman Amber Heard), who is engaged to a shady businessman (Aaron Eckhart) who he’s vowed to take down in flames. Oh, and there’s lots of rum involved.

We’ve added almost 20 new movie stills to The Rum Diary¬†photo gallery – check them out now!

Still not convinced?

Amber Heard

Interested in men instead?

Johnny Depp

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By Erik Samdahl
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