The Movie Trailer for ‘Chronicle’ Makes Me Pee My Pants

But in a good way. If you haven’t watched the movie trailer for the upcoming movie Chronicle, which comes to theaters on February 3, 2012, you should do so now. It’s about three teenage friends who stumble across something very mysterious and begin to develop superpowers – namely invincibility, flight and the ability to move things with their minds. While their newfound abilities make for great fun, things begin to spiral out of control, especially when one friend takes things too far.

Power corrupts absolutely, especially when that power is unstoppable.

Chronicle looks like an indie film at first, with no big names whatsoever, but the special effects are pretty impressive and it doesn’t appear like director Joshua Trank holds much back. As things go from crazy to worse, there are explosions, SWAT teams, people being thrown through ceilings and more. Even better – the movie just looks awesome.

Tell us what you think! Watch the Chronicle movie trailer now:

By Erik Samdahl
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