The Hunger Games Trailer Redeems Itself

A few months ago during one of MTV’s stupid awards shows, Lionsgate foolishly released a “teaser trailer” promoting the highly anticipated 2012 release of The Hunger Games. The marketing engine had been building strong buzz for months leading up to the awards show and had been quite effective at doing so – I’d never heard of the books before but even I was starting to believe in the hype.

Unfortunately, the “teaser trailer” was nothing more than a cheap-looking segment of Jennifer Lawrence running through the woods with forgettable narration to give the scene some depth. While teaser trailers aren’t supposed to give a lot of the plot away, the sneak peek did absolutely nothing to explain what the movie was about – and, more importantly – it failed to tell us why we should care.

The teaser was greeted with a poor reception, heavily deflating anticipation for the movie. “Heavily” might be a strong word, but it was bad enough to cause director Gary Ross to come out and explain that the movie wasn’t yet finished and people shouldn’t judge the film based on that early glimpse. Apparently, Ross and Lionsgate don’t understand that in the movie business, first impressions are important, and trailers, long or short, are made specifically so audiences can judge them to determine whether the movie is worth seeing.

Luckily, Lionsgate has redeemed itself by releasing a surprisingly kick-ass, full-length trailer that establishes The Hunger Games as a must-see movie in 2012. The visuals are excellent, the soundtrack mesmerizing, and the story looks interesting. Frankly, there’s nothing I would change about it whatsoever.

Watch The Hunger Games trailer below:

The Hunger Games debuts on March 23, 2012 and stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Wes Bentley and Elizabeth Banks.

By Erik Samdahl
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