Holiday Buying Guide: 10 Movies to Buy this Holiday Season

If you were to buy one scary movie…

A husband and wife (Patrick Wilson and Ellen Byrne) begin to suspect that their house is haunted, so they move to a new house. It’s only then that they realize it’s not their house that was haunted – it’s their son who is being pursued by a demonic force.

Why buy it?
When it comes to horror movies, it’s rare to find one that’s actually scary. Insidious is scary.

If you were to buy one movie about apes taking over the world…
Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Set in modern day, a scientist (James Franco) seeking a cure to Alzheimer’s accidentally creates an unnaturally intelligent ape named Caesar. As Caesar ages, he begins to realize that his kind is being oppressed by humans. And that something needs to be done about it.

Why buy it?
Creative, intelligent and engaging, Rise of the Planet of the Apes defies all expectations, delivering a legitimately touching tale of boy-raises-ape, ape-plots-to-take-over-the-world.

If you were to buy one legal thriller…
The Lincoln Lawyer

A street lawyer (Matthew McConaughey) who is willing to play dirty finds himself in over his head when he is hired by a rich socialite (Ryan Phillippe) to defend him in an attempted rape and assault case. The lawyer begins to suspect his client isn’t as innocent as he appears.

Why buy it?
Harkening back to the great legal thrillers of the 1990’s, and to a time when Matthew McConaughey was considered the next great thing (see: A Time to Kill), The Lincoln Lawyer is a fun, suspenseful and surprisingly intelligent movie with one or two twists thrown in for good measure.

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By Erik Samdahl
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  • Creative Shopper

    I am the worst when it comes to buying movies seriously I have so many movies I do not have enough room for them all. Yet, I kept buying them because renting was not working out so well for me in that I was always paying late fees, Blockbuster got so much money out of me. I love the feeling of a new movie and the excitement of putting it in the Blu-ray player. Feeling my couch under me like a magic carpet taking me off into another place and time with each film I watch. Yet then it occurred to me when I was at work half-awake starring at one of the film posters that Dish Network usually has on there walls everywhere. Why keep buying films when I can live stream them repeatedly if I choose to and still have the same effect? Yes, I enjoy having the “collector’s edition” but at the same time I also have to consider that I am not in the greatest financial position at this point in my life. Therefore, I came to full circle and went back to Blockbuster with the Blockbuster Movie Pass except now no late fees or due dates to worry about. I have been choosing from thousands of exceptional films especially Rango it’s hilarious and Johnny Depp is fabulous no matter what character he is playing. I am in movie heaven here is nothing I cannot find. All the classics, unique and rare films all streaming from or by mail faster than Netflix and no fees for Blu-rays. The other day I went to the dog park and while my dog got his fun, I watched a movie on my laptop and I got it free as a new customer for a year. I can come to terms with my “collection stigma” because I will have more money to play with in other areas of my life.