My Sucky Teen Romance SIFF Review

The 2012 Seattle International Film Festival kicks off this week with a great lineup of classy and edgy films that should satisfy most moviegoers’ appetites. With so many good films to choose from, I naturally selected the instantly forgettable vampire comedy My Sucky Teen Romance as my SIFF appetizer.

Why, out of the hundreds of movies available to me, did I select My Sucky Teen Romance? Because there are hundreds of movies available and I’m too lazy to research each film, I went off some random blogger’s recommendation. I don’t know if he had seen it or simply thought it looked clever, but whatever attracted him to the film, I did not see the same.

The title says it all.

The movie is about an 18-year old girl named Kate who is visiting her last comic book convention before heading off to college. She has a crush on this boy named Paul, who just happens to be a friendly vampire. After an accidental hickie, Kate begins to turn into a vampire herself, forcing her and her friends to hunt down the head vampire who made Paul to save them both from eternal damnation. Awkward teenage romance hijinks ensue.

My Sucky Teen Romance is a pop culture slap in the face to the Twilight movies and all of the other vampire clones that have surfaced in recent years, and for that it should be commended. But it’s no Mallrats and is far from edgy, leaving a harmless but largely ineffective story to flop in the wind.

The movie looks fine for what must be a low budget and the actors, while ranging from awkward to barely adequate, are serviceable, but My Sucky Teen Romance doesn’t make a strong case as to why it should even exist. If it’s supposed to be a scathing rebuke on vampire movies, it isn’t very scathing. If it’s supposed to be a vampire love story, it isn’t very romantic. And if it’s simply supposed to be a comedy, it isn’t very funny.

There are far worse movies than My Sucky Teen Romance, but there just isn’t a lot to get out of this movie. For an offbeat film festival picture it is okay, but I’ll get my blood somewhere else.

Grade: C-

By Erik Samdahl
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