Nicolas Cage Steals Another Movie in ‘Stolen’

Last time Nicolas Cage and director Simon West joined forces, the absurdly entertaining Con-Air was the result. Oh, times have changed. Fifteen years later, the action genre has evolved, Nicolas Cage’s career has devolved and their collaboration is being released to limited theaters – a troubling trend for the once popular actor.

Nonetheless, Cage’s new action-thriller Stolen looks like fun escapist fare, though I have to imagine that if it were any good it would be getting a bigger release and more promotion. The movie has Cage playing a master thief who, after being released from a long prison term, discovers that his teenage daughter has been kidnapped, held ransom for the $10 million both his criminal counterpart (Josh Lucas) and the FBI believes he has.

Stolen debuts in theaters on September 14, 2012.

By Erik Samdahl
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