The 9 Best Jason Bourne Movie Scenes

The Jason Bourne franchise is one of the best franchises in the business, even if Universal was dumb enough to try to continue it without its main character. But we’ll forgive them, just this once. Here are the nine most kick-ass scenes from the four Jason Bourne movies.

9. The pen is mightier than the knife

Doug Liman’s The Bourne Identity is a fun but woefully out-of-its-league movie when compared to the two Paul Greengrass sequels, and as a result this scene is the only one from the original film that makes this list.

Still trying to figure who he is – and more importantly, what he is – Jason Bourne and Marie are taken off guard when a CIA assassin flies through a window and fills his apartment with lead, a pretty careless move when you think about it. Bourne quickly switches into Treadstone mode and a brutal fistfight ensues. When the assassin ups the ante and introduces a silly little knife into the equation, Bourne grabs a pen off the desk and manages to stab the guy repeatedly with it. As for Bourne, he doesn’t get as much as a scratch.

8. It’s a beautiful house. Burn it.

In The Bourne Legacy, Dr. Marta Shearing gets visited by a couple CIA operatives. They seem concerned at first, asking about how she’s holding up and stuff you normally ask when you want to get laid, but then they reveal their true purpose: they are there to kill her.

Enter Aaron Cross, who takes the three agents off guard and proceeds to take them down one by one. Before burning the beautiful colonial house to the ground to hide his tracks, he shows his genius by killing one of the agents with a nail and fire extinguisher.

Jason Bourne would have been able to just use a nail, of course.

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By Erik Samdahl
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