Arachnophobia Blu-Ray Offers 7 Minutes of Bonus Features

A vintage 1990’s classic made its Blu-ray debut last week. Disney said, “so what?”

Arachnophobia is the best spider movie of all time, and it still stands the test of time. Yes, it’s a bit goofy, a bit cheesy, but even still it makes you want to check that popcorn before you stick your hand in the bowl and the shower faucet in the morning. As silly as it is – John Goodman plays a wisecracking exterminator – the movie lives up to its name.

The movie looks great on Blu-ray, or as good as a film from 1990 about killer spiders can look. People looking for anything more than that will be disappointed, however.

The Arachnophobia Blu-ray bonus features are about as pathetic as bonus features can be. Disney would have been better suited to not include anything at all, for the combined running time of all three features – a production featurette, a Frank Marshall featurette and a “Venezuela Sequence” – is approximately seven minutes. To be fair, the addition of the movie trailer puts things at about nine minutes.

In other words, Disney put absolutely no effort into celebrating the movie’s Blu-ray debut.

By Erik Samdahl
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