New Lone Ranger Trailer, Poster and Photos, Oh My!

Last time you saw Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp team up, the result was a quiet franchise known as Pirates of the Caribbean. Actually, it was the stellar animated movie Rango. Their latest unholy union is The Lone Ranger, a super-expensive and problem-laden western adventure flick that may or may not involve werewolves and other supernatural creatures.

If those creatures have been cut due to budget – and we hope they have – The Lone Ranger has a shot at being a lot of fun. The new teaser trailer promises lots of excitement as Armie Hammer dons the mask of the title character and Johnny Depp does his best to be racist by playing native sidekick Tonto, and will presumably steal the show – though my guess is that the show has simply been handed to him.

Watch the new Lone Ranger teaser trailer now:

View the Lone Ranger movie images and movie poster.

By Erik Samdahl
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