Watch The Last Exorcism Part II Trailer

Let’s get this out of the way: titling a horror movie The Last Exorcism was a bad idea. Why? Because when you make its inevitable sequel, you end up with the ridiculously awful title The Last Exorcism Part II.

But c’est la vie.

The Last Exorcism was not as awful as many say it is. There aren’t many unique exorcism films these days, and the film at least took a different approach by making the protagonist a false exorcist who travels from house to house scamming people – that is, until he encountered a girl who truly was possessed by a demon. The movie had me hooked until the out-of-left-field ending, which, while I hated it at the time, was at least different than what you’ll see in just about every other exorcism movie.

The movie sure as hell didn’t need a sequel, however.

But c’est la vie.

The movie looks like it has shed much of what made the original any good, so I have extreme doubts as to whether this one can deliver anything worthwhile whatsoever. But don’t take my word for it: watch the brand new movie trailer for The Last Exorcism Part II, which debuts in theaters March 1, 2013.

By Erik Samdahl
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