The Worst Movies of 2013 – So Far

The year of our lord of 2013 has more than halfway run its course, and sadly there have been more bad movies than good up to this point. It is only proper to highlight these travesties so they can be shamed repeatedly, for they have not been shamed enough. Here are the worst movies of 2013 – so far:

No. 9. The Host

The Host┬ápresents an intriguing premise and better overall production values than the Twilight franchise, but suffers from the same aimless and anticlimactic storytelling – and pathetically dopey romances. Love square, anyone?

No. 8. The Last Exorcism Part II

In Hollywood, nothing is sacred, not even the word “last.” This sequel drops everything that made the first one surprisingly good and replaces those elements with cliche scare tactics. The ending isn’t a complete waste, however.

No. 7. Oz, the Great and Powerful

This bloated, boring and unimaginative orgy of cartoonish special effects starring James Franco playing James Franco was a box office success – but money doesn’t mean quality. Where the $325 million budget went is still beyond me.

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By Erik Samdahl
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  • valkyrie911

    C’mon, I was actually entertained by Identity Thief. No way it was the worst movie on this list.

  • eriksamdahl

    I’m glad you liked it, but about half an hour into the movie someone in the packed theater chuckled at a joke and I realized I hadn’t laughed once. At the end of the movie, someone sitting about ten seats away asked down the row, Was there a point in that movie where you realized you hadn’t laughed at all? To me it was a complete misfire.

  • Ericka

    I loved Identity Thief as well, but I suppose everyone has different tastes as far as comedy goes…

  • tired of expert opinions

    I liked Lone Ranger pretty much – a lot better than Man of Steel. Even Superman Returns was better. Having lived through the old Lone Ranger, thank you for the new one. And being Native American didn’t keep me from appreciating Tonto

  • Cody Taylor

    Oz wasn’t that bad. Definitely not perfect and doesn’t come close to the glory of Wizard of Oz, especially with how stupid the Wicked Witch looked, but it wasn’t downright horrible. As for Pain & Gain, it certainly had its moments and is pretty underrated in my opinion. The premise of the movie is pretty grim but it had its fair share of laughs.

    Surprised Man of Steel isn’t on here with all the hate I’ve seen for it, especially with the shockingly low ratings it has. While I wasn’t too hyped about it due to poor marketing and crap trailers (the music wtf were they thinking?), it turned out to be one of my new favorite top 5. It is a darker movie than Marvel’s but not nearly like The Dark Knight trilogy, and it still had a few laughs, along with a heavy heartfelt story that is perfectly delivered by Kevin Costner and finally a live-action movie that delivers on my dream of seeing Supes tear up an entire city just from being in a fistfight with a supervillian.

    While much of the movie was CG, it was so well done the only way you’d know it is because you know what’s happening can’t be real. Only a few sequences such as Zod and his buddies and things thrown by them coming down a bit fast and ignoring the laws of gravity were distracting, though it’s hard to not do so without ruining the pace of the movie waiting for them to fall down. Highly recommend you see it if you haven’t and to ignore the hate it’s getting.

  • Jack

    Only The Host movie was biggest dissapointed of hollywood … Nd i think jerk don’t know that OZ was super hit… please ditch m bored with ur articles..

  • Victor Pleitez

    I loved Man of Steel though not as much as I had “Hoped” haha. Snyder did a great job directing it considering it’s his first shaky cam film. A lot of nods to previous superman incarnations like the wind effect from the George Reeves series and the polar bear and hentia tentacle machine from the kevin smith/John Peters script, and the split second image of Christopher Reeves on Cavils face. I feel people are too harsh on film, yes it had barely any humor but they were selling this film as a sci fi flick 1st and comic book 2nd (comic book stories arent all about comedy anyway). My main gripe is that although the story nolan and Goyer cooked up was good the script accompanying it written by Goyer was lacking better dialouge for the actors who did a great job. I feel like if a nice speech was written for cavil as a counter arguement to Zods genocidal quest before that last big fight, or just more well written dialouge during said fight, the film would’ve been better. Not the best movie of the year but certainly not the worst and should not be on any “worst of” list.

  • Victor Pleitez

    Also Snyder and Anjte Traue I think did an awesome job with faora’s character, they made a female character look so damn sexy and appealing with out the use of an ass or clevage shot! Just Anjte beating the crap out of Superman while giving a speech about superiority and doing subtle twitches with her eyes, that face she made when she first meets Superman and starts judging him from top to bottom. Their interpertation on that character made me believe a good wonderwoman movie can be done with respect.

  • Dale Stark

    I watched 6 out of the 10 movies. I do agree with the writers picks. Identity theft really lacked creativity for a comedy. It was way to unrealistic.

  • Yellow Belly

    The trailers and music involved were great for MoS.

  • eriksamdahl

    Thanks for the comment. We definitely watched different movies – I would watch Man of Steel a hundred times before watching The Lone Ranger again.

  • eriksamdahl

    Faora was awesome.

  • Cody Taylor

    I wasn’t a fan of them personally. While I loved the story watching the movie, having such slow music play to what made the movie look like a melodramatic pos didn’t inspire me to watch it at all. Glad I went and saw it anyways!

  • Cody Taylor

    It was a welcome surprise for me when I saw it, as I wasn’t expecting much thanks to the slow, haunting trailers that did nothing to give any of the hour plus of action justice.

    Just saying I was surprised because there are a hell of a lot of people who would definitely put it on a worst list due to mostly baseless arguments such as lack of comedy, too dark, too much action (wtf), too much CGI (despite it being nearly perfect and unnoticeable), and of course the “controversial” ending which it seems most people don’t realize has happened several times before and will happen again in the Superman mythos. Actually reading why people don’t like the movie is almost comical.

  • chewie402

    How could you make this list and NOT include “White House Down”? Even if I’d “Netflix’d” that turd of a movie, I’d feel like I got ripped off.

  • Brian Sleider

    My wife and I turned it off after 40 min, It was an Unfunny Plains Trains and Automobiles. It did however have a fatty in it.

  • ytu

    I liked Oz! There were many good jokes that made me chuckle.

    It must look pretty good on Blu-ray.

  • Victor Pleitez

    The movie has flaws lots of films have them. But MOS was good/average and the hate its getting is pretty dumb. Idk why people are upset w/ how the last fight ended and then turn a blind eye to superman 2. Or why some called this the dumbest or worst superman, as if they’ve never watched superman 3 and 4. Hell as good as it was superman 2 is kind of dumb. I blame ironman 3 for fooling people into thinking the superhero genre is more about comedy. Comparing the first superman w/ MOS is pointless when these films are generations apart, the later of which was filmed in a post 9/11 world.

  • Zoid

    Oz, the Great and Powerful DID NOT cost 325 million. It was still expensive, like 220 million, I believe, but not 325….

    Where this dude got the notion that it cost 325 million is BEYOND ME.

  • eriksamdahl

    Zoid, the numbers vary depending on where you look, but reports the budget as $280 million and many other reputable sources have cited the budget at $325 million. That being said, it does look like some sources include marketing costs in there, while others don’t. Regardless, that’s a lot of money to spend on crappy special effects.

  • Scott West

    I didnt think this was gonna be a good one once I seen the first teaser.

  • WoWed

    I think The Lone Ranger would have worked better as a straight up western as apposed to Michael Bay-style action flick. Maybe that is just me, though

  • Stan

    My God,how could you forget to include “After Earth” on this list, the smell is still in the air.

  • eriksamdahl

    Stan, good question! I ended up drinking with my boss the night I was supposed to see After Earth, so I was spared the misfortune. I did add a footnote to the article thanks to your comment.

  • eriksamdahl

    It would have worked with a smaller budget, a better script and a more interesting plot, I agree.

  • eriksamdahl

    Haven’t seen it yet… I was traveling on business. Sounds like I should pay to go see it?

  • George Weller

    I’ve no idea what your background is, or your educational level – To run down a really good movie like The Lone Ranger, simply shows me your lacking in both departments. Go to some kind of movie critic school, then maybe you’ll be somewhat better at it.

  • FuckYou

    you have no taste in films, delete this page and never do something like this it’s terrible, i can aggre on atleast the 3 first (10 9 and 8), after that your a fucker.

  • FuckYou

    movie 43 and identity thief are the worst??!!!! you should leave this forum AND NEVER POST A THING, probably more funny than you can realize, you miserable soul of a fuck.

  • Brian Willis

    not one of these movies i wanted to see lol

  • Richard Harney

    My Little Pony: Equestria Girls isn’t on this list. You know why? Because it was awesome that’s why!

  • James Donofrio

    The worst movie of the year has to be Superman!! I have no idea why I went to see it??

  • conbug

    I agree. I thought “Man Of Steel” was very good and entertaining and would watch it a hundred times myself.

  • Person

    people… these are opinions relax

  • Brad

    Are you fucking joking? Pain & Gain is easily one of the best films of the year. And I’m not saying this as some Bay fanboy who loves the Transformers movies. It’s up there with Before Midnight and Stories We Tell. It’s a sharp, biting, and hilarious satire. Bland typical Hollywood shit like Dead Man Down and Man of Steel are way worse.

  • eriksamdahl

    I almost really liked Pain & Gain, but the second half of the movie really dragged for me and ultimately I didn’t find much humor in the events that occur. We agree on Before Midnight.

  • eriksamdahl


  • eriksamdahl

    Why was it THAT bad? I mean, I can understand disappointment… but worst movie of the year?

  • eriksamdahl

    Thanks for the kind words.

  • FuckYou


  • eriksamdahl

    This whole website is about my and other’s opinions. But thanks, troll.

  • tvonthebrain

    I love her, but you’re right, it was a complete misfire

  • tvonthebrain

    Oz was HORRIBLE

  • tvonthebrain

    I think that title goes to A Good Day, sorry . That was a complete and total miserable experience