The 13 Most Embarrassingly Dumb Scenes of 2013


4. The entire movie that is Now You See Me

Some people really liked Now You See Me, the magician thriller starring Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher and Morgan Freeman.

I am pretty sure those same people weren’t actually paying attention, because Now You See Me makes no fucking sense whatsoever. What’s worse is that the filmmakers thought otherwise, and using special effects and the easy out of "magic," they nearly get away with it. But look closely – and frankly not that closely – and everything from the plot to the actual events that occur are just part of one convoluted, misguided mess.

3. The almost three-way in The Host

The Host, which was supposed to be the next Twilight if only because the movie is an adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s novel, is a pretty dumb movie that offers very little in intentional entertainment value. Thankfully, it has plenty of unintentional entertainment value.

In one of the more memorable scenes, the alien Wanda, who has possessed the body of human Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan), freaks out because she hasn’t heard Melanie’s voice in her head for quite some time. To elicit a reaction from her, she decides to make out with Jared, Melanie’s former flame. When that doesn’t work, both agree that she should make out with Ian, the guy who is in love with Wanda (and Melanie’s body, presumably).

It’s almost hot, but not at all. Instead, it’s just a laughably bad scene that exemplifies how ridiculous the entire story is.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy tease themselves in Thor: The Dark World

Following the credits in Thor: The Dark World, we are treated to a teaser for the upcoming Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy. "Treated" is a strong word, however, as the ultra-cheesy scene featuring an ultra-cheesy Benicio del Toro feels more like a discarded "SNL" skit than something trying to promote a big-budgeted blockbuster.


1. Captain Kirk dies, sort of, in Star Trek Into Darkness

In Star Trek Into Darkness, J.J. Abrams inexplicably rips off The Wrath of Khan and the Star Trek franchise’s most emotional moment for no particular reason. In The Wrath of Khan, Spock sacrifices himself to save the Enterprise by exposing himself to a deadly dose of radiation. He is brought back to life in the next movie, but at the time, there was no guarantee he wouldn’t stay dead.

In Into Darkness, it is Kirk who steps into the ship’s radiated core to save his crew, forcing Spock to scream "Khaaaaaaan!" in the cheesiest way possible. Unlike in The Wrath of Khan, however, you know that Kirk isn’t going to remain dead, and even worse you know exactly how he’s going to come back to life just a few minutes later.

Star Trek Into Darkness is a decently entertaining movie, but this one scene kills its momentum. As a result, it is undoubtedly the most embarrassing scene of 2013.

What movie scenes were the dumbest for you? Tell us in the comments section below.

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By Erik Samdahl
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  • ty

    I get where youre coming from on the MoS thing. But that was not the scene that ended the movie. There were 3 more after that, that were the most satisfying ending in comic movies, in my opinion. It was done very well.

  • ray

    That’s why I don’t like Ironman3. Tony’s amors become pieces of crap when he meets those “men of flesh”,if he can be avenger,then so can all those villains .

  • fz

    If someone makes a list of the 13 dumbest articles of 2013, I feel this should be on the list.

  • Po

    In IM3 What´s up with Potts flameproof sports bra?

  • John Goldsmith

    Why do I keep reading these snipey articles.

  • Kayoss860

    IM3, he couldn’t summon his suits because Jarvis was not working. He tried to fix the one suit so that he can regain communication with Jarvis. But I have to agree. In the avengers his suit took a direct blow by Thor’s hammer, but falls apart right when a truck hits it. So much inconsistency.
    Man of steel, why couldn’t he just covers zods eyes or fly zod some where else?
    Fast and furious is a movie? I thought it was a video games with all its improbable stunts and scenes.

  • Nero121

    Well in the Avengers the iron man suit was literally a piece of armor, one piece, all connected and screwed together, It was my understanding that new new suits in IM3 were electronically or magnetically connected to him for whatever new science mojo he injected himself with, I.E. the suits magnetically holding together and enough force pulls the magnets apart, I could be wrong since I am no nerd that reads comic books with a magnifying glass but that was my impression.

    For man of steel I would imagine that covering his eyes would be something like putting your hand over two flame throwers until they run out of gas. As to why he couldn’t fly, it would seem to be that he was using all his strength to stop Zod, who is basically as strong as superman, from turning his head that last inch. For him to fly he would have to relax and kick off, that relaxing would probably end with Zod being able to turn his head. Unless he can fly without moving an inch of his body then I stand corrected. Though I would admit always thought the laser beams he shoots from his eyes were directed at his eyes, it makes no sense to me why Zod couldn’t just glace at the people and have the beams follow them. If anyone can explain this to me I am curious

  • Nero121

    She fell into an explosion, clothing does not burn off just by passing through flames.

  • Nero121

    Well they aren’t exactly normal flesh, they have been drugged up and all crazy. Besides the aliens shoot at tony there is nothing to suggest that they are super strong. The extremists or whatever they are called were pointed out to be super strong. I.E. pulling apart armor with ease. If the aliens were super strong don’t you think that the alien invasion might have been a touch worse

  • Edward La Guardia

    Wow, the fact that the crest at the end of Catching Fire aggravated you that much that you included it on this list shows that you clearly have too much time on your hands.

    Well, that and the fact that I don’t know anybody who thought anything remotely negative or positive towards it. I think you and your band of friends are the only people who gave a crap about that inconsequential moment.

  • nyniggazbcrying

    How is zod as strong as clark after only 6 days in a yellow sun (or however many days compared to years)? Real question

  • Tre Tastic

    it’s sooo easy to hate on the author of these. at least be constructive with your arguments.. if you don’t agree, you don’t have to sound like an a**hole trying to explain.

  • NetShark

    Stark had to learn how to fly his suit, mistakes and all. Rhodes gets in and instantly masters every control in the most amazing stunt maneuvers ever seen.

  • eriksamdahl

    Thanks, Tre. We write these to spark debate and discussion. It’s always interesting how certain people decide to just bash the author because they disagree.

  • eriksamdahl

    It’s a super cheesy moment in an otherwise good movie.

  • eriksamdahl

    Valid point. And don’t get me wrong – I loved Man of Steel. I just didn’t like that one scene.

  • Nazleen

    Dear Lord! Get a Life!

  • Nazleen

    get a life!!!!!! lol get laid!!! or something…damn!

  • howareyouanauthor

    The AUTHOR makes them self sound like an arrogant bag of dicks. Try writing in such a way that doesn’t make it sound like you’re claiming the whole movie is shit just because of one scene that you forcefully over-analyzed. It’s really pathetic that this is even an article in the first place. Do something productive for the world.

  • eriksamdahl

    As the author, I actually like this comment. Pretty good.

  • eriksamdahl

    The point of articles such as this is to evoke debate. What do you agree/disagree with? Which thing are you even complaining about?