25 Movies You Have to See in 2014

It’s a New Year, and with it comes a new crop of movies. Like every year, 2014 is filled with opportunity – ranging from epic blockbusters to powerful dramas – and like every year, we’re looking forward to some movies more than either. Some of these movies will deliver the goods while others will be terrible, but only time will tell. Here are 25 movies to see in 2014.

25. Gone Girl

A husband finds himself on the wrong end of a murder investigation after his wife mysteriously disappears, leading him to some shocking realizations. The book upon which this Ben Affleck thriller is based is an engaging, twisty adventure. Unfortunately, it has one of the worst endings that I have ever read. However, if there’s one man who can pull it off, it’s director David Fincher.

24. Cesar Chavez

What’s this, a starring role for Michael Peña? The often overlooked actor plays the title character, who led widespread farming strikes in the 1970s and helped found a nation farm workers union.

23. Under the Skin

Based on the trailer, Under the Skin is going to be pretty damn weird and not at all mainstream, but at the surface level, the movie’s premise is essentially the same one found in Species – a sexy, alien seductress attempts to breed with human men – only starring Scarlett Johansson. Sold.


22. Maleficent

Angelina Jolie stars as the title character in this Sleeping Beauty adaptation, told from the perspective of the evil witch. Disney’s recent attempts to mine old franchises and brands have been pretty dreadful (Alice in Wonderland, Oz: The Great and Powerful), but this one looks intriguing.

21. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Never mind all the negative buzz – primarily stemming from an early screenplay that was never used –it’s hard not to be a little excited for a new live-action TMNT movie, which is produced by Michael Bay. At the very least, chock it up to morbid curiosity. And Megan Fox as April O’Neill.

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By Erik Samdahl
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