The 10 Best Russell Crowe Movies

Russell Crowe’s post-war drama The Water Diviner hits theaters this week, so it seemed like the perfect time to look back at the Oscar winner’s career and rank his top ten movies. Though his career has never fully recovered from that phone-throwing incident years ago (corresponding with a reputation of being a bit of an asshole), there is no denying that Crowe, who has won one Oscar and been nominated for two others, is still a fantastic actor.

Without further ado, here are Russell Crowe’s ten best movies of all time:

10. Mystery, Alaska

You’ve probably forgotten this movie, if you even knew it existed in the first place, and to be honest, we don’t remember a lot about this overlooked 1999 hockey movie. Nonetheless, funny and with some intense hockey moments, Mystery, Alaska is worth revisiting.

9. 3:10 to Yuma

I didn’t like 3:10 to Yuma as much as some people, but featuring some exciting action, a tense story and grizzled performances by Christian Bale and a villainous Russell Crowe, the movie is one of the best westerns of the last few decades.

8. Body of Lies

Russell Crowe plays a supporting role in this underappreciated Ridley Scott/Leonardo DiCaprio terrorism thriller, portraying a spy handler who manages the action from afar – on his cell phone in suburban USA. The movie is good, and Crowe makes the most of his small part.

7. State of Play

In this thriller, Crowe plays a crotchety journalist who mentors an up-and-coming “blogger” (Rachel McAdams) while investigating a murder conspiracy. Fast paced and exciting, the movie is arguably Crowe’s best movie in nearly a decade.

6. Cinderella Man

In this Ron Howard movie, Crowe plays Depression-era boxer Jim Braddock, who manages an incredible comeback after breaking his hand and essentially being written out of the sport. It’s a by-the-books rags-to-riches story that is still just as effective on repeat viewings.

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By Erik Samdahl
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