4 Things in Star Wars: The Force Awakens That Make No Sense

Like everyone else who knows and understands how to have fun at the movies, I had a blast at Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and my movie review proves it. That doesn’t mean it’s a perfect movie, as J.J. Abrams cut a few corners for the sake of pacing (or nostalgia).

Here are four Star Wars: The Force Awakens moments that don’t make a lot of sense, and obviously you should not read these if you haven’t seen the movie yet:

The Starkiller Base

First, can we move on from the gigantic planet-base-with-laser-beams idea? We’ve already had two Death Stars (which were both awesome), so why can’t a plot revolve around something other than a third one, even if it is so much bigger and deadlier? Why would the First Order invest so much time and money into converting an entire planet into such a thing? How does it draw energy from the nearby sun? So the sun recharges? How the hell does that work? Isn’t this thing too cheesy sci-fi-ish even for Star Wars? How does the laser hit multiple planets at once? Do the laser beams have heat-seeking properties or something? How come this thing can be destroyed even easier than the two Death Stars? How come the Resistance attacks with their only plan being to have X-Wings shoot at a building, which isn’t even effective against Star Destroyers?

The First Order

So, the First Order is pretty much the Empire, only even more fascist. After the Emperor died, did the Empire immediately become the First Order? Did the Empire crumble and the First Order emerged a decade later? Are they more or less powerful than the Empire? So there’s a Republic again, but the Resistance is still called the Resistance? So Darth Vader and the Empire were the last two Sith at the time, but in only 30 years these new Sith lords are back, just as powerful? Did anything that happen in the middle trilogy actually accomplish anything at all? Doesn’t Leader Snope sound like Snape and look like Voldemort? Why is his hologram so big?

The Force

So, Luke Skywalker is legend, but even still… how does Rey, with no training whatsoever, know how to use the Force? It took Luke at least two movies to even be able to get his lightsaber to move a few inches in the snow, and yet Rey just does it? How does she know that’s a Jedi’s power? How does she know she can mind-control Stormtroopers? Did someone tell her? Will that be in the Director’s Cut? Is Rey more powerful than Luke? Why does R2D2 suddenly reactivate? Can R2D2 feel the force? Does Luke make him reactivate? Is Daisy Ridley single?

Leia and Chewbacca

After returning from the final battle, why does Chewbacca walk past Leia without even a growl? Why does Leia hug Rey, even though they’ve only met once? Sure, Rey could be Leia’s daughter (or niece), but can’t we have one character who isn’t related to everyone else? Do you think Leia and Chewbacca had an affair, and that’s the real reason why Han and Leia went their own ways?

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Dan Hadley

    The Force Awakens the greatest six out of ten I have ever seen

  • Serpent

    I’ve worked at the movies for a few years and saw a lot of movies during that time.
    TFA is like a-bit-below-average sci-fi movie.

    There are more than 4 things that make no sense (but thanks for pointing out at least this many to the public who’s willing to ignore all of this).

    Were this a stand alone project I’d give it a 4/10 score…

    It’s a Star Wars movie – there are certain standards (I am looking at you Prequel Trilogy!).
    With this in mind the movie gets a 2/10 score from me.

    It’s like Prometheus all over again (I hope it won’t take 3 years for people to realize this movie’s faults like with that other one).

  • Paulo Ferreira

    Star Wars has always been centered around the skywalkers so it would only make sense for Rey to turn out a skywalker or solo too because the skywalkers are suppose to be chosen and unusually strong in the force. Having watched the movie and not happy with it since I can honestly say it’s a Disney and JJ Abrams movie through and through and that’s not a good thing as the poor casting clearly showed with the various unauthentic and poor acting performances throughout the movie, the weak story that was unimaginative and filled with plot holes, and a movie that without any real fighting or battle scenes that you always expect with a Star Wars movie so to me it was more like star high then Star Wars in the end. Basically over buzzed and over hyped fun special effects bonanza of a movie for the kids and those who don’t care or even know what a Star Wars movie is about or suppose to be by Abrams but surely not great or Star Wars movie that we fans deserved by any standard.

    I wish they had followed the original canon of EU books that were centered around the solo twins and basically next generation of the skywalker and solo family and children man would It been so much better story wise instead of them just picking and choosing parts that they like and simply suits how they want to market and sell the Star Wars brand. Read the EU books and then watch this movie and see how disappointed and sad you will get. Only reason o could see Disney not sticking with original canon and books is that maybe it wasn’t rated G enough for them or maybe just too white for them and how they like to market and sell their movies you Disney they have to maximize profits at any cost go Disney who cares if it ruins popular culture for millions of fans.

  • Bryan

    Are you serious?! You’re complaining about the acting. The acting in force awakens was leaps and bounds above the PT and the OT. And this is coming from me – someone who enjoyed the PT.

    Light saber battles? Do you remember ANH and how force absent that movie was. While watching the movie I initially wished for more but in hindsight I’m glad it was subdued (compared to the PT). We get to watch someone become proficient again.

    Plot Holes? Of course there are plot holes -this is a trilogy – you want them to answer everything in the first? They didn’t do that with the others. And it’s quite alright for them to leave some things to mystery. I don’t need to know why C3PO has a red arm.

    Loved the movie. In someways was it ANH remake? Yes. But there’s enough different to still feel like a different story.

    I’m sick of “super” fans who get this vision of where they believe the story has to go and then get upset it doesn’t follow it. The EU stuff wasn’t written by George Lucas. It’s glorified fan fiction. George Lucas sold the rights to Disney not to the writers of the EU.

  • Paulo Ferreira

    Has to go no more like should go if you actually read the books you would understand how much better the movie could have been narrative wise and all around had making the best movie possible for the fans was their only concern and motive not trying to commercialize star wars or let politics influence your decision making. Clearly you don’t care like I said if this was the first time watching this movie and you didn’t care about star wars then yes not a bad movie but not great either just a fun and special effects bonanza like most JJ and Disney movies are but the movie overall felt more like star high then star wars and surely not like the second coming or return of something great and they surely didn’t risk anything with this attempt or care to try something new.

    Now you can say what you want about prequels but at least George Lucas did try something new but just failed execution wise but narrative and lore wise still new, great, and felt like and was star wars and that is important to any star wars movie no matter good or bad and dsiney should have stuck with original canon for that reason if they couldn’t come up with something better at the very least because if it was better no one would complain honestly.

    The acting was clearly on point with what a Disney movie normally is and should be nothing new, imaginative, or etc that benefits or adds to star wars franchise and movies in any way just same old except its been brought down a notch and with some of the acting showing the age of some of their actors and even sometimes not feeling authentic or believable to who they are trying to portray never mind hard to take seriously. I am not gonna continue to settle for less or what’s good enough we should expect more not less being fans and supporting this brand and franchise since day one I have that right buy the day I stop doing so then my opinion won’t matter or even be made

    Lastly watch many franchises that don’t have as many plot holes as this movie had so don’t see it being a trilogy as being a valid excuse because you can still do so without having the amount of plot holes this movie had its called poor execution and not caring obviously because they thought by wowing people other ways that the plot holes would be excused which I am sure for some who don’t care about story or star wars enough wouldn’t care or even notice but the average star wars fan would and did as obviously its been one of the movies biggest complaints by most who have watched it so not like its just my opinion.

  • Bryan

    You’re ignoring the fact that George Lucas made specific decisions exclusively because he wanted to sell toys. He didn’t kill off Han Solo because he didn’t think kids would buy the toy of a dead character. So don’t talk about marketing as if Disney ruined the movies. I’m not arguing that because George Lucas did it it makes it ok. I’m just saying – don’t pretend like Disney has somehow ruined the franchise because of it. You talk about believable motivations. Have you seen the prequels? Again – I actually liked the prequels but there were huge problems with believable dialogue and motivations. If great acting and better dialogue that we get from Disney is “nothing new or interesting” – I’ll take it.
    And while you can’t use the trilogy defense to justify all plot holes, it’s ridiculous to complain about questions that may be addressed in upcoming films or so called plot holes for issues that are ultimately meaningless – I knew someone that was annoyed they didn’t know how they food on Camino.
    And you’re wrong about “true” Star Wars fans or the average Star Wars fan – it may not be only you’re opinion, but the vast majority of people that saw it – die hard Star Wars fans included, loved it.

  • Paulo Ferreira

    Disney while it hasn’t ruined star wars yet this is not a good sign and surely not a sign that star wars is back on the map in a big way like I said while not a bad movie per say its not great either and surely not what they hyped it up to be like it was the second coming or something hopefully next star wars movie shows fans something different and better but until then it looks like Disney could be the end of star wars and what George Lucas started and but never got to redeem because he clearly sold it off to Disney before even trying to do so. Like I said before commercialization Is not a problem unless its made the main and only focus then it can hinder a movies creative process like everything in life its all about how you use things and getting the right balance something last few star war movies haven’t gotten right.
    Btw I only liked the original canon of EU books about solo twins and such because it was good because if it sucked or didn’t make sense trust me star wars fan or not I wouldn’t not have wanted it I am not that kind of fan and surely not a fan boy per say but the fact is star wars has always been about the skywalker family at its center and core and how special they are in the force, chosen, and everything else with everything and everyone else revolving around it like friends, conflict, and so on. Love how the books set up and depicted the future and next generation of skywalkers and solos along with friends and enemies it all was interesting, exciting, and entertaining along with making sense something important I feel.
    I even loved how both the light and dark side end up along with the future new threat that comes along and that is all I will say without spoiling anything but lets just say it would have made for great movies that were fresh and exciting and regardless how you feel about force awakens I hope you at least agree with that much.

  • John Smith

    What about the giant space ship partially burried in the sand if the ship was built in outter space and crashed on the planet how is it there is still life on the planet why is it every bit of technology is plug and remove

  • John Smith

    I agree it seemed to be in part a reboot more confusing than anything else JJ did a great job of remaking startrek I find that often when a movie is written directed and produced by the same people it seems that the film suffers