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Green Lantern: The Big Flop of 2011

Green Lantern: The Big Flop of 2011

As a huge fan of Green Lantern, it pains me to predict that the movie will be the most notable flop of the 2011 summer season.
Box Office Battle: Scream 4 vs. Rio

Box Office Battle: Scream 4 vs. Rio

Scream 4 returns to theaters with a great deal of buzz - but one should never bet against an animated family film. Friday returns are in. Who will win?
Early Weekend Box Office: No Strings Attached Wins

Early Weekend Box Office: No Strings Attached Wins

The Natalie Portman/Ashton Kutcher romantic comedy No Strings Attached will win the weekend, but by how much?

Box Office Fire for Twilight: Eclipse

The failings of the summer box office are distant memories as The Twilight Saga: Eclipse continued to dominate theaters, taking in $28.6 million on Friday to bring its three-day total to $121 million. I typically make that amount in a day so it doesn’t blow me away, but apparently $121 million in three days is […]

Shutter Island Scares Up Big Box Office Weekend

Friday box office results are in, and it appears Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese are on their way to the best weekend box office opening of their collaborative outings, with $30+ million. The horror-thriller Shutter Island, their fourth movie together, opened to a higher-than-expected $14 million on Friday.

Sherlock Holmes Beats Avatar at the Box Office

Guy Ritchie’s career looks to be back on track with the box office success of his latest film and first true blockbuster of his career, Sherlock Holmes. The Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law action-adventure film took in $24.9 million on Christmas Day, and with relatively positive reviews should see good box office throughout the weekend.

Friday Box Office: Avatar Digs Up $27 Million on Friday

Any questions about Avatar‘s box office viability may have been diminished as the James Cameron sci-fi epic – his first movie in over ten years – dug up $27 million from audiences on Friday. It’s not ground-shattering, but it is a solid opening. With two weeks of quasi-vacation (at the very least, two four-day weekends […]

Weekend Box Office: The Fall of Saw

Movie critics the world over are rejoicing this weekend as audiences rejected the sixth Saw film, which, as many agree, are six films too many. With weekend box office tallies in, Saw VI earned less than $15 million in theaters, half of what Saw V opened to and even less than the original Saw‘s entry.

Weekend Box Office: G.I. Joe Blasts to Victory

It’s a sad day in America. Most likely, we’ll mark this day in our calendars as a day to bow our heads in shame, to ponder how normal American citizens gave so much power away to those money-loving studio heads. For me, it’s my own personal nightmare (as far as box office nightmares go)… Yes, […]

The Hangover Movie Review + Repeat Box Office Winner

The Hangover repeated its dominance at the box office this weekend, taking in another $33.4 million; the R-rated comedy is now on pace to rake in approximately $175 million, against a budget of $25-$35 million. The people behind Land of the Lost (biggest flop of the year?) and Terminator Salvation are shaking their heads in […]

Land of the Lost Flops With a Hangover Box Office

The Will Ferrell-starring Land of the Lost, considered this wekeend’s “big opener,” flopped hard on Friday, taking in only $7.2 million. The movie, which is budgeted at about $100 plus what must be a pretty large marketing budget, will be lucky to make $20 million for the entire weekend. Few people are crying over this.

Weekend Box Office: Does Star Trek Win Again?

The answer is no, but not by much. Sony had to be a little nervous when looking at Saturday’s numbers (to get Sunday’s box office estimates), as Angelys & Demons polishes up with only $48 million, only $5 million ahead of near-repeat offender Star Trek. One can only presume that Sony’s estimates were $1-2 million […]

Wolverine Video Movie Review

Ah,Wolverine. Where does one begin? This movie was just plain awful, and the more I think about it, the more I hate it. It’s sad when such a movie exists that I would rather watch X-Men 3 ten times over before seeing this stinker again, and X-Men 3 was no walk in the park. X-Men […]

Box Office: Star Trek Has Warp Legs

Star Trek, the massive box office winner of the weekend, turned out to be an even bigger contender than first imagined. The movie earned an additional $3 million on Sunday than estimated by its studio Paramount, giving the first signs that this movie truly is benefiting from word of mouth. The final weekend tally, including […]

Star Trek Warps to Major Box Office Weekend Win

Thank the Gods, Star Trek, the reboot by J.J. Abrams, didn’t implode on itself. This movie was one of the biggest question marks in years in terms of box office potential: it had the look, feel and action of a summer blockbuster, but it was, in the end, Star Trek, a franchise that was considered […]