Read the First Three Chapters of The Trojan Conspiracy

Read the First Three Chapters of The Trojan Conspiracy

FilmJabber's Erik Samdahl wrote a book. Here are the first three chapters.
10 Great Books You Have to Read Regardless of Your Taste in Books

10 Great Books You Have to Read Regardless of Your Taste in Books

Whether you like suspense fiction novels or non-fiction, here are 10 books you have to read.?
Simon Pegg/Nick Frost on The World’s End, Cannibalism

Simon Pegg/Nick Frost on The World’s End, Cannibalism

The World's End is in theaters Friday. So we talked to Simon and Nick about it.
Music Review: Justin Klump’s Sticks & Stones

Music Review: Justin Klump’s Sticks & Stones

Our first ever music review, of Justin Klump's new album.
Go Seahawks! Put the Bears Into Hibernation!

Go Seahawks! Put the Bears Into Hibernation!

OK, the Seahawks season is over. And they looked awful against the Bears. But all I can say now is... go Packers!

Book Review: Handling the Undead

There are thousands, if not millions, of writers in the world whose names will never be known and whose novelist careers will never earn them enough to make a living. And then there are the lucky few who receive the critical or market acclaim that elevates them to an entirely different level. John Ajvide Lindqvist […]

Netflix Makes Huge Online Streaming Move

There was a time when I understood why people would choose Blockbuster over Netflix: you could still get movies via mail, but deliver them to a brick-and-mortar store and retrieve a new movie instantaneously. Well, almost instantaneously, if you consider driving to the store, waiting in line, and driving home such a thing. It’s now […]

2010 Tribeca Film Festival Facts and Figures

The ninth annual Tribeca Film Festival (TFF), co-founded by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff, announced a total attendance of over 410,000 at screenings, panels and free community events, including the Drive-In and Street Fair.  Theater attendance for the Festival screenings and events reached over 94,000. Screenings were often at capacity, with more […]

NBC’s Olympic Failure: A Review of NBC’s Bad Olympic Coverage

I love sports. I also love the Olympics. Meaning I really love the Olympics. As you know, I live in Seattle, and Seattle, like the rest of the west coast, is getting screwed by NBC. But, you know, it’s not that bad. I don’t mind watching sporting events that happened live a two hours’ drive […]

Seattle Screwed by NBC, Canada Over Olympics Coverage

This February, the 2010 Winter Olympics kick off in Vancouver, British Columbia, which is – aside from the inevitable border delays – a two-hour drive from Seattle, Washington. Which is where I live. For years, us Seattleites (and Washingtonians in general) have had our options when watching the Olympics: the bloated NBC coverage, which wastes […]

Roman Polanski Arrested, Faces Extradition

Roman Polanski is no longer “wanted and desired,” as he’s been arrested by the Swiss police for having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977, according to an article by the Associated Press. He could now face extradition to the United States for the crime that caused him to flee from France. Polanski, who is […]

FilmJabber: The iPhone Movie Blog

If you have an iPhone, you can now visit the FilmJabber Movie Blog with native iPhone support. No more zooming or scrolling about the screen – just visit the URL http://blog.filmjabber.com/ and you’ll have access to all of our amazingly awesome and unbeatable articles in an easy-to-read, easy-to-comment-on format. Check it out now and make […]

R.I.P. Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze has unfortunately passed away at the age of 57. He died after battling pancreatic cancer, a particularly deadly form of the disease. He passed away peacefully with his family at his side. Despite his diagnosis becoming front-page news in early 2008 (including reports that he had days to live), he continued to work, […]

Ron Weasley Has Swine Flu

Here’s something random: Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, has swine flu. His publicist reported that the young man is on his death bed… or, at least, he has the sniffles. “It has just been confirmed that Rupert Grint has taken a few days out of filming due to a […]

Weird People at the Movies

I went to go see The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 at the Regal Meridian in downtown Seattle tonight with my buddy Tom. Tom, a college roommate and one of my best friends, is one who you should go to the movies with not at all, depending on your movie watching preferences. There’s nothing […]