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Shrek Forever After Movie Review

Is this the last we’ve seen – or heard – of Mike Myers? With Shrek Forever After, the franchise allegedly fades into the sunset, leaving both Myers and Eddie Murphy without the box office juggernaut to line their pockets. No one is crying, least of all me. Read FilmJabber’s full Shrek Forever After movie review.

The Fighter Movie Review

Boxing. It’s a sport that has lost its appeal and popularity. It certainly no longer captivates the public the way it used to. And yet in spite of this, or because of it, Hollywood continues to tell the stories of yesteryear’s stars. The latest entry in a long line of boxing movies, The Fighter features […]

The Tempest Movie Review

One of the bigger disappointments of the year, The Tempest is a complete miss of a film.  It’s hard to say how so many creative people can create a product so unentertaining, but I will give it a shot. Read FilmJabber’s full The Tempest movie review.

The Company Men Movie Review

What a year Ben Affleck is having.  Rising from a rather grisly early 2000s (remember Gigli, Daredevil and Paycheck? Better yet, don’t), Affleck is on the road to establishing himself once again as one of the foremost talents in Hollywood.  The Town still stands as one of the strongest films of the year, besting Affleck’s […]

Black Swan Movie Review: The Best Movie of 2010?

Black Swan is nothing short of a brilliant film and easily one of the best films of the year.   Intense, unnerving and beautiful, Black Swan harks back to Aronofsky’s Requiem For A Dream in all of the best ways (although the film also shares many thematic similarities with The Wrestler). Like many of the best […]

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Movie Review

Every couple of years Nicolas Cage stars in a project just right for him. In between, he plays characters wholly unsuitable for his acting style and appearance. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Disney’s latest attempt to turn an existing property into a viable franchise, is one of those movies, but Cage’s presence isn’t its only problem. Read […]

Fair Game Movie Review

In 2003, one of the more notorious scandals of the George W. Bush administration broke into the mainstream when the Washington Post published the identity of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame. The leak suspiciously followed a New York Times article written by Plame’s husband and former U.S. ambassador Joe Wilson, in which he criticized the […]

The Next Three Days Movie Review

If your significant other was falsely convicted of murder, how far would you go? After all legal resources dry up, what would you do? Would you let her waste away in prison, or would you risk everything – your kid, your family, your freedom – to set her free? In The Next Three Days, writer/director […]

How to Train Your Dragon Movie Review

This summer, I watched Toy Story 3 and called it “an all-but-assured lock for Best Animated Picture of the Year.” At the time, I hadn’t watched How to Train Your Dragon on account that the previews made it look like an uninteresting, stupid, early-year animated kid’s film (the horrible Olympics advertisements didn’t help, either). Having […]

The Human Centipede Movie Review

There are disturbing movies, and then there are really disturbing movies. The Human Centipede (First Sequence), as the title suggests, falls into the latter category. About a mad scientist who decides to sew three innocent people together (mouth to rectum, to be specific), The Human Centipede is strangely alluring – in a very screwed up […]

Warner Brothers 2011 Movie Preview

Warner Bros. has released a slew of new movie photos from their upcoming 2011 movie slate, including Green Lantern, The Hangover 2, Unknown, Sucker Punch, Something Borrowed, The Rite, Red Riding Hood, Final Destination 5, Horrible Bosses, Hall Pass, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, Apparation, Born to Be Wild and Mars Needs […]

Splice Movie Review

Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley star in Splice, which capitalizes on the fear of human cloning and stem cell research. The movie is a slow boil thriller intended less to scare than to tell a story about the dynamics between three individuals, one that takes a shockingly disturbing turn in the third act. It’s not […]

The Ultimate 2010 Holiday Movie Buying Guide

The Christmas Hanukkah/holiday shopping season is picking up steam. For those of you who don’t live and breathe movies like I do, I’ve compiled a list of the best movies, DVDs and Blu-Rays that would make perfect gifts for that special someone.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I Movie Review

The biggest franchise of this generation is coming to an end. Well, almost. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I, the two-and-a-half-hour first half of J.K. Rowling’s epic finale is now playing in theaters, delivering to audiences yet another engaging, rich experience. The movie suffers as one would expect from being split in two, […]

Unstoppable Movie Review

Denzel Washington teams up with director Tony Scott yet again, and for the second year in a row a suspense thriller about trains. In Unstoppable, one momentary lapse of judgment leads to an incredibly dangerous situation: a runaway, explosive-filled train traveling 70 miles per hour towards a densely populated city. Read FilmJabber’s full Unstoppable movie […]