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I Scream for Scream 4: An Enlightening DVD Review

I Scream for Scream 4: An Enlightening DVD Review

Scream 4 is now on DVD. We've reviewed it. For you. Not for us, but for you. Short story short: the movie is pretty good, the DVD lame. Read on.

The Best Scenes in Heroes: Season Two

Yesterday, I posted 8 Reasons Why Heroes: Season Two Was a Disappointment, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t think it was a good season. It just wasn’t nearly as good as the first season, and not just due to higher expectations. Here are some aspects of Heroes: Season Two that I did like quite a […]

8 Reasons Heroes: Season Two (2007) Was a Disappointment

Heroes: Season Two has come and gone, thanks to the writer’s strike that cut the show short. Even before the writer’s strike was inevitable, however, Heroes: Season Two seemed rushed at times. First off, let me say that the first Heroes season was a spectacular piece of filmmaking. It was original, entertaining, increasingly dark with […]