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The Burning Plain Movie Review

Sex and fire unite in The Burning Plain, a 2009 drama by writer/director Guillermo Arriaga. Though it received little promotion during its release period, the Charlize Theron-starring film is a surprisingly engaging little film. The Burning Plain isn’t amazing, but it is worth seeing. Read FilmJabber’s full The Burning Plain movie review.

She’s Out of My League Movie Review

There’s unfunny, and then there’s painfully unfunny, and the new R-rated romantic comedy She’s Out of My League falls somewhere between the two. A derivative of Knocked Up, about an awkward young man who finds himself with a much hotter girlfriend, the movie is two hours worth of forced dialogue and flat jokes. Stay away. […]

City Island Movie Review

City Island is a surprisingly funny and charming dramedy from filmmaker Raymond De Felitta.  Not having seen any of De Felitta’s earlier films, based on the trailer, I expected City Island to be average at best, chocked full of quirky characters and good ideas, but suffering from mediocre execution.  However, I was happily proven wrong […]

The Fourth Kind Movie Review: True or Not?

In October 2009, a small film few had previously heard of named Paranormal Activity opened wide, riding the buzz of an ingenious months-long marketing campaign. It quickly became the most profitable movie of all time. A couple weeks later, The Fourth Kind, an eerily similar movie – also based upon “home footage” – had the […]

Brothers Blu-Ray Review

Brothers, from acclaimed filmmaker Jim Sheridan, arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray next Tuesday, March 23, 2010. The movie explores the effects of war upon families, and is a remake of the 2004 Danish film Brodre. The results are mixed, as the movie treats audiences to some excellent performances but not much else. The Blu-Ray, meanwhile, […]

Armored Movie Review + DVD Giveaway

Armored is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray, and not only have I finally reviewed the action-thriller, I am also giving away a copy of the movie on DVD! Enter the Armored DVD giveaway now, and then continue reading for the Armored movie review: From the director of Vacancy and the upcoming Predators movie comes […]

Green Zone Movie Review

A few months ago, much to the disappointment of fans, director Paul Greengrass announced that he would not be doing a fourth Jason Bourne movie, essentially ending one of the most acclaimed action franchises of the 21st century. Thankfully, Greengrass and Bourne star Matt Damon have reunited for Green Zone, an action-thriller that could just […]

Sorority Row Movie Review

Princess Leia, skimpily dressed college girls and serial killers, oh my! Sorority Row has everything a good slasher movie needs, and then some (Princess Leia, really?!) – except for characters we care about and a sense of terror. In Sorority Row, several caddy sorority sisters discover that one of their boyfriends is cheating. So, the […]

Julia Movie Review

Tilda Swinton delivers an excellent performance in Julia, a surprisingly effective drama-thriller about a drunkard’s simple kidnapping scheme gone horribly wrong. People looking for something a little different should add this to their Netflix list – it’s available on Instant Play – immediately. Read FilmJabber’s full Julia movie review.

The Brothers Bloom Movie Review

In The Brothers Bloom, Mark Ruffalo and Adrien Brody star as the title characters, con men who decide they’re going to take advantage of a lonely but rich hermit, played by Rachel Weisz. But what they don’t suspect is that she is more daring and clever than first imagined. Oh, and when one of them […]

Old Dogs Movie Review: Blu-Ray Won’t Save This One

Friday was not a good day, and I blame Disney. Instead of partying my friends, I chose to watch Alice in Wonderland and Old Dogs, the latter of which arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray this week. Both movies are terrible, and the few beers I had between viewings weren’t enough. Read FilmJabber’s full Old Dogs […]

Food, Inc. Movie Review

Nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature, Food, Inc. provides a compelling look at the food industry and the consequences its actions have on American lifestyles. While the picture provides some insightful facts, it lacks the shooting gun to put it on the same plane as similar movies such as Super Size Me. Read […]

2012 Blu-Ray: The End of the World?

2012 is one of those movies I approached with trepidation. After all, we’ve seen director Roland Emmerich attempt to destroy the world on several occasions in the past (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow), and 2012 – the destruction movie to end all destruction movies – was bound to be just a graphics-heavy onslaught of… […]

Alice in Wonderland Movie Review

Friday was a good day, up until I left work. At 5 pm, I drove home, ate some food and did some dishes. At 8 pm, I finished watching the Disney movie Old Dogs, which was painfully bad. At 10 pm, I sat down in a sparsely populated theater to watch Tim Burton’s new movie […]

The Crazies Movie Review: Crazy Is As Crazy Does

The world just wouldn’t be the same without zombie movies. There’s just something deliciously satisfying about them. And despite the fact that they routinely share the same plot and the characters experience similar fates, the last decade has provided audiences with a shockingly consistent level of quality – in fact, I’d go so far as […]