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6 Sony DVD/Blu-rays Giveaway


The Prize

Enter to win six movies including Looper, Total Recall, Premium Rush and more!

1 winner(s) will win. This contest/giveaway ends Jan 4.

Contest Details

You like movies. We like movies. We like giving away movies. You like winning movies. And thankfully, Sony Home Entertainment has given us a slew of awesome DVDs and Blu-rays to give away. Enter now for your chance to win ALL of the movies below:

  • World Without End on DVD
  • Total Recall (2012) on Blu-ray
  • Premium Rush on Blu-ray
  • The Words on Blu-ray
  • Looper on Blu-ray, and a Looper replica watch
  • Justified Season 3 on DVD

Contest winners

This contest is now finished. Here are the winners, listed in alphabetical order:

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Contest Rules

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