John Travolta Movies

Here is a partial list of John Travolta movies. This list may not include all of John Travolta's movies. Why? Our database only goes back to 1995. Lame, we know.
Basic preview
95 min.
Swordfish preview
99 min.
Domestic Disturbance preview
89 min.
Battlefield Earth preview
117 min.
Lucky Numbers preview
105 min.
The General's Daughter preview
116 min.
The Thin Red Line preview
170 min.
A Civil Action preview
118 min.
Primary Colors preview
143 min.
She's So Lovely preview
100 min.
Mad City preview
114 min.
Face/Off preview
138 min.
Michael preview
105 min.
Broken Arrow preview
108 min.
Phenomenon preview
123 min.
White Man's Burden preview
89 min.
Get Shorty preview
105 min.
Pulp Fiction preview
154 min.