1997 Suspense Thrillers

A list of the best and worst suspense thrillers released in 1997.
The Game preview
128 min.
Kiss the Girls preview
111 min.
The Rainmaker preview
135 min.
Cop Land preview
105 min.
The Jackal preview
124 min.
Absolute Power preview
121 min.
The Edge preview
117 min.
Murder at 1600 preview
107 min.
Jackie Brown preview
151 min.
Mad City preview
114 min.
U Turn preview
125 min.
Gattaca preview
112 min.
The Devil's Own preview
107 min.
Playing God preview
94 min.
The Saint preview
116 min.
Switchback preview
118 min.
Hard Eight preview
101 min.
Lost Highway preview
135 min.
Red Corner preview
122 min.