1999 Suspense Thrillers

A list of the best and worst suspense thrillers released in 1999.
Arlington Road preview
119 min.
The Insider preview
157 min.
Run Lola Run preview
81 min.
The Sixth Sense preview
114 min.
In Dreams preview
98 min.
Limbo preview
126 min.
Stir of Echoes preview
94 min.
Fight Club preview
139 min.
Light It Up preview
99 min.
Stigmata preview
102 min.
Eyes Wide Shut preview
159 min.
True Crime preview
127 min.
Double Jeopardy preview
104 min.
Instinct preview
124 min.
In Too Deep preview
129 min.
The Limey preview
90 min.
Ravenous preview
100 min.
8mm preview
123 min.
Titus preview
162 min.
Gloria preview
108 min.