Welcome to Erik’s NEW Movie Blog, the FilmJabber Blog

I launched the original Erik’s Movie Blog in May, 2007 and it has developed a small but loyal reader base. It has always been my intention to combine my blog with my full movie review website, Movie-Source.com, which is a database full of past, present and upcoming movies, with reviews, film trailers, previews, image galleries and more. Unfortunately, the development of merging the sites have taken longer than planned, but it’s only a matter of time now – by the end of the year, expect great things.

This new movie blog is a first step toward a new, premiere website, and I felt it was time to launch this even if the rest of the website isn’t complete yet. Why? Because driving traffic and search engine presence to Blogger is silly when I’m going to have start all over anyway…

So, as of this moment, no new posts will be written on Blogger, though I will keep that site active as many of the articles on that blog are quite popular (relatively speaking). Please change your bookmarks, your RSS feeds and so on and so forth now!

By Erik Samdahl
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