Win an Autographed No Country for Old Men Poster

No Country for Old Men PosterNo Country for Old Men is now out in select theaters and expanding over the next month, and I must say that this movie looks to be one of the coolest this year. Watching Javier Bardem walk around killing people with a coin flip and an air compressor is like butter on toast: perfect. Honestly, this movie looks absolutely spectacular, my only concern being that I might be hyping it up just a bit too much.

But it’s about damn time the Coen Brothers did a truly dark crime caper a la the old days (read: Blood Simple), and judging from reviews, No Country for Old Men certainly delivers.

Even better, I’m giving away an autographed No Country for Old Men movie poster over at my website – the contest expires at the end of November, but please enter to win the poster. It’s autographed by both Joel and Ethan Coen! Enter now!

By Erik Samdahl
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