Amusement Movie Trailer is No Laughing Matter

Amusement MovieYahoo! just posted the new movie trailer for Amusement, a horror movie about a bunch of young people who get killed by a serial killer clown. Clowns are creepy, there’s no denying it, and Amusement will hopefully use that creepiness to its full potential. Of course, it isn’t It (the Stephen King movie), and the killer just wears a clown mask, but if done right this movie could be entertaining.

In reality, it’s just going to be another slasher film, and the movie trailer isn’t that good. The clown really isn’t used to its full potential, although the audio track is where the real magic is. The killer’s giggling is fairly memorable.

Watch the Amusement movie trailer and see movie details here. 

By Erik Samdahl
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