Georgia Man Tries to Deposit One Million Dollar Bill

Million dollar billI will resist the southern jokes, and instead just focus on the facts…

Authorities say one Alexander D. Smith, 31, walked into a Clearwater, Georgia bank and attempted to deposit some money into his bank account. He proceeded to curse out the bank teller and was promptly arrested, but disorderly content was not his only charge. As it turns out, stupidity has risen to a new level as Mr. Smith thought that it would be wise to try to deposit one million dollars into his account, something that will raise eyebrows even in Dubai. The real biggie: he only had one bill with him, and it was a one million dollar bill.

What do I say to that? This guy probably walked into the bank thinking he was the cleverest man east of the Mississippi, but maybe if he made it through the first grade he would have learned that the U.S. Mint has never printed anything close to a one million dollar bill.

The picture is of the actual bill the dumbass tried to use. He was also charged with another count of fraud for writing a bad check to buy some cigarettes. Ladies, he’s single! I hope.

By Erik Samdahl
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