Will Tom Cruise reprise Lestat in Interview with the Vampire sequel?

Tom Cruise Lestat VampireBloody-Disgusting.com is reporting that United Artists, which is owned by Tom Cruise, is in negotiations to secure the rights to Anne Rice’s The Tale of the Body Thief, the fourth book in her “Vampire Chronicles” series. With Cruise’s name associated so close to a sequel to Interview with the Vampire, rumors are circulating that Tom Cruise may reprise the role of Lestat, the bloody thirsty, morally ambiguous vampire.

Considering that Tom Cruise is trying to reestablish himself as a leading man after a bunch of PR nightmares over the last couple of years (not to mention a critical and box office flop in the form of Lions for Lambs), it isn’t completely unreasonable that he would consider returning to one of his most popular characters.

Hopefully the movie will be better than Queen of the Damned

By Erik Samdahl
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