Three More Movie Reviews: License to Wed, Waitress and I Know Who Killed Me

Waitress MovieOne good movie. Two really bad ones. I’ve posted movie reviews for License to Wed, Waitress and I Know Who Killed Me… guess which one I liked.

If you guessed I Know Who Killed Me because Lindsay Lohan plays a stripper and has a sex scene, you guessed wrong. This movie sucked, but read the full review for more rants.

If you guessed License to Wed, the movie that could have been funny given that Robin Williams plays a reverend who tests the wills of a newly engaged couple, you are still wrong. This movie was about as funny as a tube of toothpaste – when it hasn’t even been opened yet! Yes, that funny. Read the review.

Now, if you guessed Waitress, a movie that’s not only good because Keri Russell struts her stuff in a hot waitress’ outfit but also delivers a great performance on top of a witty little screenplay, then kudos to you, my friend! Here’s the review.

By Erik Samdahl
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