The Best Scenes in Heroes: Season Two

Dania Ramirez HeroesYesterday, I posted 8 Reasons Why Heroes: Season Two Was a Disappointment, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t think it was a good season. It just wasn’t nearly as good as the first season, and not just due to higher expectations. Here are some aspects of Heroes: Season Two that I did like quite a bit (DO NOT READ THESE UNTIL AFTER YOU WATCH THE SEASON):

  • Maya. Not only is she scorching hot, but she has a killer ability – literally.
  • Hiro’s journey back to 17th century Japan. While it seems like some random story at first, as we later find out, it’s all setting the stage for what is to come (or what would have come had the writer’s strike not rushed things). This is the one true storyline that feels very developed.
  • Any episodes alluding to the Nightmare Man as worse than Sylar. Too bad he turned out to be no such thing.
  • The episode where Claire fakes her death to discredit the head cheerleader.
  • The scene where Sylar talks to Maya’s brother Alejandro and tells him that he is going to kill both he and his sister; too bad Alejandro doesn’t speak English.
  • Peter goes into the future. Too bad the storyline ends up going nowhere.
  • The scene where flying boy West reveals to his girlfriend Claire that he was abducted when he was younger by a man with horn-rimmed glasses. Does it sound like Claire’s dad? Does it?
  • The revelation that Takezo Kensei may not be as pleasant as he first appeared, and that he didn’t actually die in 17th century Japan.
  • The episode “Four Months Ago”. While it rushed a lot of back story, it did treat us to a pleasant sequence where Maya kills her brother’s wife and everyone else at the wedding. Peter’s back story is also quite interesting.
  • The moment where the mastermind killer of the season is none other than Adam Monroe.
  • The scene where Bob and Suresh go up against HRG and West to fight over Claire.
  • The scene where we learn of Kristen Bell’s weakness: put her in water and she’ll electrify herself.
  • Maya learns how to control her powers and Sylar makes his move. There’s nothing sweeter than Sylar making out with Maya while her brother lay stabbed to death just a few feet away. This was a great moment in the series.
  • The part where Molly tells Maya that she can’t find her brother anywhere, which means he’s one dead duck.
  • Claire threatens to go public.
  • Hiro attempts to kill Adam and must go up against Peter in the process.
  • Adam Monroe stuck in a coffin. Does this fit within Hiro’s personality, though?
  • The assassination of Nathan Petrelli. We saw it coming, but this was another great moment of the series. If I were Peter, I would have froze time right there, right? Oh, and was that Claire’s dad who pulled the trigger?
  • The moment where Sylar regains his power, setting the stage for Volume III. However, in all seriousness, I wouldn’t have had Sylar experiment on a can. It would have been much more effective had he done some work on a cat, and while the explosion is off screen, we see blood splatter across Sylar’s smiling face.

While not a great season, Heroes: Season Two was still better than most of the television out there. It’s a shame the writer’s strike cut it short, as they did have some good storylines going. I hope they figure out a way to bring back the biological disaster, as they set too much of the stage to just throw it away.

By Erik Samdahl
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