DVD Review: The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

Bourne Ultimatum DVD CoverThe Bourne Ultimatum is out on DVD this Tuesday, and the DVD features some good special features that any Bourne fan will enjoy. I won’t go into detail on how much I liked the movie, as I’ve already written a movie review here, but having now watched the film three times, all I can say is that it is a great action movie – but not quite as good as The Bourne Supremacy (the second one).

Anyway, I’m a big Jason Bourne fan (of both the movies and books, even if they don’t match up at all), but here’s what the DVD offers:

  • Deleted scenes
    A few deleted scenes. Nothing much to say here. There’s nothing all too remarkable here, and you can tell these were cut due to pacing issues.
  • Man on the move: Jason Bourne
    The first of several very good featurettes, this one, split into chapters, takes a look at each unique filming location, from Berlin to Tangier to New York. You get to see the challenges the team faced in every location, such as in Tangier (they had to block off parts of a busy market, and often had to film in crowds) or, most interestingly, in London, where the train station scene had to be filmed amongst normal commuters – so there are several shots of Matt Damon running around with a camera crew on his tail, winding in between people on their way to work. This is definitely a highlight of the DVD.
  • Rooftop Pursuit
    The Tangier rooftop scene was quite an accomplishment, according to the DVD. Whether it’s getting the right camera angles in tight quarters or filming that scene where Jason Bourne leaps across empty space and into a window, there were some complications (apparently camera crews collapsed a roof at one point) in the sequence. This is another great behind-the-scenes look.
  • Planning the Punches
    A behind-the-scene look at the choreography and training involving the fight sequences. Also quite fun to watch.
  • Driving School
    This is an entertaining one, as we get to see Matt Damon drive stunt cars, do 180’s and speed down a parking garage ramp. It’s always nice to see the actors actually doing some stunts, and having fun with them, too.
  • New York Car Chase
    This one has some interesting moments, as we get to see special cars rigged with cameras or even stunt men (a guy sits on the roof and drives the car while Matt Damon is inside below, getting filmed). Overall this one isn’t as good, but still a decent entry.
  • Feature Commentary with director Paul Greengrass

All in all, this is a great DVD. It doesn’t have a ton of features, but the features it have are informative and fun to watch. Thankfully, we get to see Matt Damon out of character, and he seems like a pretty fun guy to work with. It’s nice seeing how the cast and crew seem to get along with one another (Damon makes fun of Greengrass’ Oscar nomination at one point), but more importantly, it’s cool to scene how “real” the movie is compared to other action movies, which is really one of the strong selling points of the franchise.

While there are bigger and better DVD sets to follow, I’m sure (there’s already a trilogy DVD set, and an HD-DVD/DVD combo coming soon is going to have more features than what is found here), the regular Bourne Ultimatum DVD is a good value disc.

By Erik Samdahl
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