The Amazing Race Gets a 13th Season

The Amazing RaceI’m a big fan of serialized shows, and in general not a big fan of sitcoms or reality shows. They can be entertaining even when they are complete crap, but I don’t like that guilt factor when watching a show. However, there are two reality shows I am big fans of, and they are two of the originals. They are both on CBS, and you may have heard of them: Survivor and The Amazing Race.

While some have said Survivor has grown old, the producers have really figured out a way to make the show unpredictable without being ridiculous, and it continues to work its magic. I look forward to this one quite a bit each week.

And then there’s The Amazing Race, a ridiculously addicting reality show that doesn’t rely (too much) on drama on talking to the camera. It’s a race around the world, and it’s a race produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. Every episode is exciting, and you get to see places you’d never ordinarily see.

Anyway, to the point of this article, CBS has renewed The Amazing Race for its 13th season. The show apparently struggled with its eleventh season, but now in an 8:00pm Sunday timeslot, it has been averaging 12 million viewers a week, more than enough to convince the channel to bring back its Emmy-winning reality show. Sweet!

By Erik Samdahl
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