American Pie Presents: Beta House Has Lots of Nudity, Not Much Else

American Pie Presents: Beta HouseIt’s been a few days since I last posted on the blog (holiday stuff!), so here’s a movie review for you: American Pie Presents: Beta House. This latest installment of the American Pie franchise has Erik Stifler (John White) heading off to his first year of college (remember, in The Naked Mile he simply was visiting his cousin at the dorms) for sex, nudity and freshman girls. It arrives just in time for Christmas (December 23, 2007).

And nudity, American Pie Presents: Beta House definitely has. The film is loaded with it, and that’s not a bad thing. While hardly representative of a real college (and in some ways getting away from what made American Pie so good in the first place: the decision to set normal guys in normal situations but with ridiculous results), the movie is shock full of scantily clad or downright naked “college” girls, who could all compete for prettiest girl on campus. The nudity alone made Beta House enjoyable enough.

There’s also some decent sex, for those of you who are interested.

Unfortunately, the rest of the movie is pretty lame. Take away the nudity and the sex and you really have very little here, other than a pretty typical frat movie. There’s nothing wrong with typical frat movies, except typical frat movies that aren’t funny. Beta House has tons of nudity, but it’s not funny, and there’s something really wrong with it. The creators of the movie became so obsessed with showing tits that they forgot that they were doing an American Pie movie, which means there should be at least a few laughs in it. Hell, the movie even lacks awkwardly gross sequences, other than a rather disturbing Russian roulette scene involving horse semen.

For the most part, Beta House doesn’t have much going for it. The screenplay is bland and fails to capitalize on its storyline. Strangely, the first half of the plot is about the freshman trying to complete 100 tasks by the end of the semester so that they can join the fraternity, but the second half of the movie departs from this entirely and decides to focus on the typical rival frats squaring off in a competition. While it is sort of funny that the underdogs are the jocks and the asshole jerk frat is made up of nerds (after all, in the 21st century, nerds are where the money is), why Beta House decided to detour from a storyline with so much potential to an utterly cliche one is beyond me. Had the whole movie focused on the 100 tasks, Beta House could have been something, but director Andrew Waller literally skims through them all.

I liked American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile well enough, but Beta House is nowhere as good. This is one direct-to-DVD comedy you can skip, unless nudity is enough to please you. Hmmm…

By Erik Samdahl
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