Which Rush Hour Movie is the Best?

Rush Hour 3 DVDI recently got my hands on Rush Hour 3, a movie I normally would have seen in theaters had it not looked a bit dull at the time. A relatively big fan of the first two Rush Hour movies, I’ve found the franchise to be entertaining, even though I have been thoroughly frustrated with the watered down action for Jackie Chan in his American releases.

Rush Hour was fun. While I was never a big Chris Tucker fan, the pairing of Tucker and Chan is a surprisingly good one, even if Tucker acts and sounds like a complete idiot. The action in this one isn’t great, but the movie is fun and certainly worthy of a sequel.

Rush Hour 2 flipped the scenario and landed Tucker in China, which is a bigger fish-out-of-water story than in the first movie (Chan in the United States). There are a lot of good gags in this one, and the action is a bit better. The presence of beautiful Zhang Ziyi also put this one a notch above the first Rush Hour.

Rush Hour 3 is exactly like the second two, only this time the two characters are both out of their element in France. There’s nothing remotely unique about this movie, and everything, from the character relationships to the action to the comedy to acting, seems less interesting. While not a disaster by any means, it just doesn’t have the spark it needed.

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By Erik Samdahl
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