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Heavy Weapon Poster I normally don’t feature projects like this, but writer David Desjardin contacted me in regards to a project he has been working on called Heavy Weapon. David, who’s in the military, decided to write an action movie script after he and his friends found themselves complaining about how modern action movies don’t compare to those in the 1980’s. This right there caught me attention, as while there have been quality action films of late, they just don’t compare to the classics of the 80’s (think Stallone and Schwarzenegger at their apex).

So, what does David do in response to his disappointment? He writes his own script. Of course, tons of people write movie scripts that never see the light of day nor are of any quality to deserve such honor, but here are a few things that make David’s script stand out from the rest:

  • He actually registered the script with the WGA, which means he knows more about getting a script produced than 90% of other amateurs.
  • The script is available for any to edit and refine.

I’m not endorsing the script; in fact, I haven’t read it. But the concept is a neat one: How better to create the perfect action movie than allow anyone in the world to edit it? David explains:

Basically, the idea behind Heavy Weapon is to allow anyone (especially action movie fans) to influence the script. You could almost look at it as being akin to the old Choose Your Own Adventure books: We’ve built the foundation for the movie, but anyone can suggest changes to be implemented throughout the story. Nearly every aspect of this movie is open for change; the actors, the characters, the spoken dialogue, the action. Everyone has the opportunity to make this movie rock, and it’s all up to the fan-base to spread the word about “their” movie. The internet community worked wonders for giving Snakes On A Plane that boost to the box office, and the way we see it, if that community actually holds stakes in this film, it could easily be a [shared] success in not only being picked up by a production company but eventually being shown nation-wide on the silver screen.

If you do provide work to the script, you won’t go unrewarded:

We’ve even worked incentives into the project to show our support to those who get involved in the project. Not just monitary incentives for providing workable script ideas, but also the incentive of seeing your name credited in the movie as a writer if you help as a major contributor. Don’t think we’d forget about the little guys either; If you help in even the slightest with anything that is implemented into the script, we’ll make sure your name makes it into the credits.

Who knows if this concept will take off. The probability of it succeeding are rather slim, but I think the idea has a lot better shot than most other projects. I get plenty of emails from people asking “How can I get my script turned into a movie?” and it is clear they will never get their script produced, let alone learn how to write quality English. David’s project is the first one to come along that I think actually has a chance.

Learn more at http://www.heavyweaponmovie.com/

By Erik Samdahl
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